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August #ZebraChat - Insurtech

August #ZebraChat: The Latest in InsurTech

InsurTech (insurance tech or InsureTech) is, simply put, technology in the insurance industry. In recent years, it’s made headlines due to industry disruptors like...
credit card pile

Ask the Experts: Credit Score vs. Credit Report (and More)

Credit is an important measurement of our overall financial health. It plays huge part in how much we pay in our monthly bills, and...
Understanding Your Credit Score | July #ZebraChat

July #ZebraChat: Understanding Your Credit Score

We’re all well aware that our credit is important. It can impact your interest rates, whether you qualify for a loan, and can even...
woman working on laptop

Mid-year Financial Checkup: How to Get your Goals Back on Track

Who thinks about New Year’s resolutions in June? Pretty much no one, except over here at The Zebra. As personal finance aficionados, we love...
ZebraChat | Mid-Year Financial Checkup

June #ZebraChat: Mid-year Financial Checkup

Okay, we know most people aren’t thinking about New Year’s Resolutions this far along. In fact, 80% of people give up on their New...
Budget-Friendly Road Trips | ZebraChat Recap

#ZebraChat Recap: Budget-Friendly Road Trips

School is wrapping up, temperatures are rising, and Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching. All signs point to summer! What better to enjoy those...
ZebraChat Budget-Friendly Road Trips

#ZebraChat on May 9: Budget-Friendly Road Trips

Ah, that summer feeling! Yeah, we know it’s not quite summer yet, but for many, the end of the school year and the upcoming...

#ZebraChat Recap: Distracted Driving Awareness Month

In honor of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, The Zebra dedicated this month’s #ZebraChat to discuss the dangers of distracted driving. We invited Aceable, National...

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