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flooded pier managed retreats

Managed Retreats: Could They Save Coastal Cities from Environmental and Financial Ruin?

For many of us, a beachfront home with a view of the sea has often seemed a far-off dream or perhaps a luxury occasionally...
home maintenance

15 Preventative Home Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

No doubt there are plenty of benefits of owning your own home: freedom from rent and landlord rules, contributing to an investment, building a...
what to keep in your car

Your One-and-Done Checklist of Everything You Might Need to Keep in Your Car

Storing items in your car is a delicate balance: you probably don’t want to keep absolutely everything possible in there and take up all...
deer crossing road posing danger to car

8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Car Insurance Covers

As a licensed insurance agent, I’ve been asked time and again what car insurance covers and why it’s necessary. It can be difficult for...

5 Reminders Even Seasoned Winter-Weather Drivers Need

Winter is here, as much as many of us would like to deny the obvious. Many parts of the northern 48 have already been...
can't get car insurance before a hurricane

Why You Can’t Buy Car Insurance Before a Hurricane

Meteorologists and weather reporters often whip up a frenzy about major impending storms, and though many of these peter out with little impact, others...
air conditioner in car

How to Survive This Summer Without Your Car’s A/C

If you’ve ever driven down an endless stretch of interstate and heard the last bubbling cries of a dying air conditioner and needed a...
summer car maintenance lets you go to the beach

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

There’s nothing like a road trip to get you and your companions excited about the summer season. But before you take to the open...

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