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There Are 3 Types of Distracted Driving Behaviors – Do You Know Them?

By now, the dangers of drunk driving are widely known and there’s serious stigma attached to it. But other types of distracted driving – though they...

Car Insurance for First-Time Drivers: 6 Things You Should Know

A driver’s license is more than just permission to take to the open road. To many, including first-time drivers, it means freedom, independence, and...
pass a driving test

So, You Think You Can Pass a Driving Test?

Most drivers on U.S. roads took Driver’s Ed and sat for the written portion of their driver’s test as young teenagers. But even if...
Teen driving

Practical Gifts for New Teen Drivers

Gifts for teens are tricky enough already: you want to find a balance between what they need and what they want, not spoil them, and even give...
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Safe Teen Driving: When It’s Actually Good to Be a Helicopter Parent

Last month, The New York Times endorsed a widely ridiculed and mocked parenting trend: helicopter parenting. But before anxious parents dust off their helicopter...
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When to Drop Your Kid from Your Insurance Policy

Every parent dreams of the day their kids graduate from school, move into their own homes, make their ways in the world… and get...
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How Getting Your Permit Lowers Car Insurance

Learner's permits. Logging parent-supervised driving hours. Curfews. If you associate these words with your experience of obtaining a driver's license, you were probably part...
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Defensive Driving 101: What It Is and Why It Matters

You’re first in line at a red light, calmly waiting for the green, maybe even enjoying the music or scenery, when out of the...

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