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total tourist

#TravelHacks to Keep You from Looking Like a Total Tourist

Okay, so maybe you’re the tourist who embraces the fanny pack life and you couldn’t care less if you stick out like a sore...
lazy side hustles you can do from your couch

The 7 Side Hustles You Can Do without Moving

We all have days when we want nothing more than to become one with the couch. But for most of us, that’s not an...
woman car sharing

Zipcar vs. car2go: Which Car Sharing Service is King?

Over the past few years, car sharing has taken the world by storm. Car sharing businesses are now operating in more than 1,500 cities...
safety recalls in the sharing economy

Safety Recalls in the Sharing Economy: Should You Be Worried?

If you have a new car, or a new baby (with the accompanying new-baby gear), or a new fancy appliance, you might have signed...
use your car to get out of debt

How to Use Your Car to Get Out of Debt

If you’ve ever been in debt (or you are right now), you know how all-consumingly stressful it can be. And if you already have...

The Death of the Taxi Driver (Profession)

There’s no doubt rideshare companies -- Uber, Lyft, and the like -- are impacting traditional taxi and car service companies. Even though the taxi industry brings...
airbnb insurance

5 Insurance Tips You Need to Know before Renting Your Home on Airbnb

The sharing economy is currently worth about $26 billion and grows bigger each day. Even with regulations meant to curb short-term home rentals (like...
drive and volunteer with your car for the elderly

‘Tis the Season to Volunteer (with Your Car)

For those looking to keep the spirit of giving alive this holiday season, the old standbys are still excellent: gift drives and donations, soup...

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