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The 8 (Possibly Illegal) Things We All Do While Driving

As we discuss often on Quoted, especially recently during Distracted Driving Awareness Month, distracted driving behaviors extend far beyond texting. Yes, at any time...
distracted driving behaviors

There Are 3 Types of Distracted Driving Behaviors – Do You Know Them?

By now, the dangers of drunk driving are widely known and there’s serious stigma attached to it. But other types of distracted driving – though they...
tesla's x-ray vision

What’s So Great About Tesla’s X-Ray Vision?

Back in September, Tesla released their Version 8.0 update for the company’s autopilot system, allowing their cars to see through vehicles and avoid unforeseen...
woman taking sobriety test on no refusal weekend

The Rundown on “No Refusal” Weekends

The holidays are a hazardous time to be on the roads, and believe us, cops know it. They’re closely monitoring drivers as they leave...

5 Reminders Even Seasoned Winter-Weather Drivers Need

Winter is here, as much as many of us would like to deny the obvious. Many parts of the northern 48 have already been...
No texting while driving ordinance sign

Should Phone Makers Take on the Texting-While-Driving Problem?

We’ve all heard it: texting and driving is dangerous. In the United States, more than eight people are killed every day in motor vehicle...
thanksgiving travel

Be Thankful for Less Traffic: How to Make Thanksgiving Travel Less Painful

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and to celebrate, we’ll travel near and far to cook and eat and laugh and maybe argue and drink...
how long does a speeding ticket stay on your driving record

How Long Does a Ticket Stay on Your Driving Record?

We’ll start with the bad news: your driving record is forever. Any conviction for a speeding ticket or other moving violation like a car...

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