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flooded pier managed retreats

Managed Retreats: Could They Save Coastal Cities from Environmental and Financial Ruin?

For many of us, a beachfront home with a view of the sea has often seemed a far-off dream or perhaps a luxury occasionally...
Dark scary street

Ridesharing’s Unexpected Danger? Aggressive Passengers

When ridesharing first came on the scene, potential customers wondered if they’d be safe: the idea of getting in a car with strangers who...
El Niño tornado

The Wrath of El Niño

The 2015-2016 El Niño has been dubbed “Godzilla El Niño” by weather experts—and with good reason. Just like the giant lizard that destroyed anything...
bar beers

The Hip Way One New Jersey Town Cut Down on DUIs

This summer, police and government officials in Evesham Township, located in southern New Jersey, realized that the town of 45,000 people was on track...
alternative fuel

Gasoline-Based Cars Are on Their Way Out

As long as automobiles have existed, fuel sources besides gasoline have also existed. In fact, the first automobiles were steam powered, and electric cars...
plastic bottles

Roads Paved in Plastic May Be Around the Corner

It doesn’t take a civic engineer to notice that ruts and potholes are the norm among many stretches of road, but the American Society...
green car charging station

Will Cheap Gas Derail the Green Car Movement?

Cheap gas changes the American economy profoundly. It can make a suburban house more valuable and lead to sizeable layoffs in related industries, which...

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