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car conspiracy theories

3 of the Most Compelling Car Conspiracy Theories

The pull of conspiracy theories can be strong: when an unexpected and tragic event occurs, especially one that crosses lines most of us would...
Mark Cuban and Adam Lyons at SXSW 2017

Is Government Disrupting Disruption? Mark Cuban & Adam Lyons Discuss at SXSW

On Sunday March 12, The Zebra Founder and CEO Adam Lyons joined Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, “Shark Tank” star, Dallas Mavericks owner, and The Zebra...
insurance industry regulation

How Does the Government Affect What You Pay for Car Insurance?

With auto insurance rates on the rise over the last five years, I’m constantly asked who’s responsible for auto insurance industry regulation and what...

Uber’s Latest: Should Driverless Cars Require Voter Approval?

Driverless vehicle technology isn’t ready for the mainstream public, but it’s getting there: automakers and technology giants across the world have plans for autonomous...
democrats or republicans pay more for car insurance

Who Pays More for Car Insurance: Democrats or Republicans?

Red states, blue states, and battleground states: we’ll hear a lot about the political leanings of the 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C over...
Collage of presidential and voting related images

Can You Match the Presidential Candidates with their Cars?

It is officially election season! The candidates are zig-zagging across the country to give speeches and rally voters, which got us wondering: What sort...
self-driving car

Why the Government Wants to Make America Driverless

With each passing model year, vehicles become safer and safer: active safety technologies are increasingly more sophisticated and structurally, vehicles have gotten more and...
uber note

Uber and the Presidential Race

With the 2016 presidential race in full swing, we’ve heard from front-running candidates about the usual suspects: economic growth, foreign policy, the military. But...

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