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What do you do if your car is stolen

5 Things to Do Immediately If Your Car Is Stolen

When we experience traumatic events, it can be difficult to think clearly and logically. Having guidelines and sets of steps can help immensely. A...
empty parking space: what you'll see after getting towed

I’m Getting Towed, Now What?

You’re visiting a new city, or going out to eat in an unfamiliar part of town, and right in the middle of all your...
Summer Field

Our Summer Storm Survival Guide

Mother Nature is known for being extremely unpredictable, so it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise when a heavy storm hits in...
interior vehicle dial

Whose Insurance Do You Use After An Accident

You just got into an accident, but it is not your fault. So whose insurance do you call? Or, a better way to put...
mechanic black and white

5 Tips for Car Maintenance (From a Real Mechanic)

Sure, you can ask your friend's cousin, or your cousin's friend, to take a look under the hood and see about that whirring noise....
stolen car with gas theft

You’ll Never Guess The Number One Suspect of Your Stolen Car

If you’ve never had your car stolen, then you don’t know the sinking feeling that quickly turns to panic when you see your driveway...
car insurance claim

3 Times You Shouldn’t File a Car Insurance Claim

Sometimes, after an accident, it's obvious that you'll want to get ahold of your insurance company as quickly as possible in order to file...
close up hail

Aw, Hail No

Just before 4 p.m. in eastern Pennsylvania, the skies darkened as temperatures plummeted. Shoppers in a mall in Wyomissing heard a cracking and then scattered...

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