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dad texts

Texts from Dads: Driving Advice Edition

A lot of us learned to drive with our dad in the passenger seat, coaching us along (even if he was gripping the door...
what to keep in your car

Your One-and-Done Checklist of Everything You Might Need to Keep in Your Car

Storing items in your car is a delicate balance: you probably don’t want to keep absolutely everything possible in there and take up all...
Couple watching the sunset in their car

Sweeten Up Your Sweetheart with a Delightfully Romantic (Driving) Date

We know celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t always the coolest game in town, but we argue that any day with chocolate, gifts, and an extra...
drive and volunteer with your car for the elderly

‘Tis the Season to Volunteer (with Your Car)

For those looking to keep the spirit of giving alive this holiday season, the old standbys are still excellent: gift drives and donations, soup...
winter weather snow freezing

Travel Bans: When Hopping in Your Car Becomes Illegal

We're sure your Twitter feed was inundated with updates and musings over the (some would say snowverrated) #Snowpocalypse of 2015. Winter storm Juno hit the northeast...
carrie movie

Top 10 Scary Movie Car Scenes

Halloween is upon us, folks. Freaky masks, candy corn, and haunted houses are officially in full swing. And to properly get into the spirit...
freeway traffic

Infographic: What Actually Causes Traffic Jams

Ah, traffic. The unfortunate consequence of the glorious machines that allow us to traverse distances our ancestors would've thought unimaginable without even breaking a...
kid cleaning car

Dads and Cars: A Love(ish) Story

In celebration of Father's Day this Sunday (is your card in the mail yet?), we wanted to round up some great stories about dads...

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