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know before you get insurance

You Blink, You Pay? The Latest in Biometrics for Auto Insurance

A once-fictional technology seemingly used by the likes of James Bond might soon be a feature in a car near you. Biometrics, which refer...
connected car app in use in Toyota

How to Turn Your Normal Car into a Connected Car

Not everybody needs—or even wants—a completely connected car. As we previously discussed, 20 percent of connected car owners have never used as many as...
Researcher Zhang Zhao wearing a brain signal-reading equipment poses with a vehicle which can be controlled with his brain wave.

Safe and Sane? Pondering China’s Mind-Controlled Cars

Brain power: it’s not just a figure of speech. In fact, the human brain can generate between 10 and 23 watts of energy while...
open source car

How the Open Source Car Could Change the Auto Industry

Show-stopping rims, subwoofers that make your license plate rattle, razor-sharp decals — custom car modifications that regular people can still do themselves are getting...
connected car

The Current State of Connected Cars

As we enter 2016, with all the exciting automotive technology that’s sure to come, we think now is the perfect time for a roundup...

The Latest in Auto Design: A Car That Reads Brainwaves

It was just over a year ago that BBC reported curious news: Stanford’s Center for Automotive Research was running experiments using driver’s brainwave data....
unlock car iphone

‘Cargo’ Takes Austin

Cargo, a Portland-based connected car startup, hit the road last week to The Zebra's home-town of Austin, Texas. What brings the crew to Texas? SXSW: that...
concept cars

10 Coolest Concept Cars of 2015

Ever seen photos of cars floating around on the internet that seem too good to be true? Cars that look like they drove straight...

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