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Why Tesla is Opting to Insure Its Own Cars

As driverless vehicles become less a futuristic dream and more a reality, our current system – which is obviously based on the idea that...
tesla vs. faraday future

Tesla vs. Faraday Future – Whatever Happened to the Company Once Deemed Tesla’s Rival?

When you think of competing industry-leading brands, some pairings that come to mind might be Coca-Cola and Pepsi, Uber and Lyft, McDonald’s and Burger...
artificial intelligence robots

How Artificial Intelligence Could Change the Auto Insurance Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI), broadly defined as computers doing the work (and perhaps even reasoning and thinking as) humans do, is having a moment. Well,...
driverless car laws by state

Driverless Car Laws by State

While many established automakers and technology companies are itching to win the autonomous vehicle race, legislators are simply trying to keep up. Innovation often...
chinese car company GAC

Chinese Cars: Coming to a Dealership Near You?

Certain foreign countries are inextricably linked to the top automobile brands they produce and sell world-wide: Germany has BMW, Audi, and Mercedes; Japan has...
future of the auto mechanic

The Future of the Auto Mechanic is… Clean

As it turns out, “getting your hands dirty” might end up being just an expression for auto mechanics in the near future. In a...
do safe cars have lower insurance

Do Safer Cars Have Lower Insurance Rates? 

Insurance is all about risk. So most folks would think that how safe a car is -- that is, how risky that car is...
Tesla Model 3

Answering Every FAQ About Driverless Cars

Driverless cars—also called an autonomous vehicles—are all over the news. Although we keep hearing about them, there's still tons of confusion over what exactly is a...

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