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can you let your friend drive your car

When Can You Let Your Friend Drive Your Car (and When Shouldn’t You)?

It’s not uncommon for your friend to borrow your clothes, your skillet, or your favorite movie. And for those types of things, the only...
shop for home insurance when moving

When Should You Shop for Home Insurance?

You buy a new mattress every seven years and a new toothbrush every three months. You shop for new running shoes after putting 500...
woman researching buying a car

What Questions Do Insurance Agents Get Asked Most? (An Ask-iversary)

Howdy, folks! This week marks the one-year anniversary of The Zebra’s resource for all of your insurance questions: Ask an Agent. (Ahem, ASK-iversary.) I’m...
prevent home break-ins by locking gate

9 Affordable Steps You Can Take to Prevent Home Break-ins

People in the U.S. lose billions of dollars in home burglaries each year. The experience of finding your home ransacked and your belongings gone...
dad texts

Texts from Dads: Driving Advice Edition

A lot of us learned to drive with our dad in the passenger seat, coaching us along (even if he was gripping the door...
free car services at mechanic

Free Car Services: Where & When to Find Them

According to AAA, car maintenance costs average almost $800 per year for U.S. drivers. But if your car has a few years on it...
driver on phone

Rideshare Ready: 7 Habits of a Healthy Uber Driver

Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have provided hundreds of thousands of people with a new way to make money. Whether they see driving for...
Teenager learning to drive

The Ultimate Guide to Teen Driving Safety

Parenthood means getting to celebrate tons of milestones with your kids. Those first steps. Those first days of school. That first boyfriend or girlfriend. These...

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