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Car Rental Insurance: When Can You Say No?

You’re standing at the car rental counter, under those bright lights, with the perky agent telling you all about your rental car, the rules...
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Travel Bans: When Hopping in Your Car Becomes Illegal

We're sure your Twitter feed was inundated with updates and musings over the (some would say snowverrated) #Snowpocalypse of 2015. Winter storm Juno hit the northeast...
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How Fuel Economy has Changed in America: An Infographic

There's perhaps no pain more precise and incremental than the pain of watching each penny tick upward at the gas pump. That's why we...
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Infographic: What Actually Causes Traffic Jams

Ah, traffic. The unfortunate consequence of the glorious machines that allow us to traverse distances our ancestors would've thought unimaginable without even breaking a...
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A Brief (Illustrated) History of Carpooling

Sometimes you find gems in the strangest places: Yesterday's post on Lyft and Uber launching carpool services lead to a lot of digging around...
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12 Tips for a Perfect Open Road Adventure

As I write, the current temperature in Austin, Texas is a balmy 84 degrees. I saw fireflies in my backyard last night. And two...

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