police called for car theft

When Cars Fight Back Against Thieves

Every 45 seconds, a car is stolen in the U.S., for a total value of $4.9 billion in stolen vehicles during 2015. And as...
holiday safety guide

Holiday Safety Guide (At Home and on the Go)

With the holidays in full swing, you’ve no doubt already encountered a few near-misses: the uncle who doesn’t use the guard while slicing vegetables...
No texting while driving ordinance sign

Should Phone Makers Take on the Texting-While-Driving Problem?

We’ve all heard it: texting and driving is dangerous. In the United States, more than eight people are killed every day in motor vehicle...
thanksgiving travel

Be Thankful for Less Traffic: How to Make Thanksgiving Travel Less Painful

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and to celebrate, we’ll travel near and far to cook and eat and laugh and maybe argue and drink...
are school buses safe

Are School Buses Even Safe?

Each day, parents of 25 million American children watch them board a big yellow school bus. That’s more than half of America’s schoolchildren. And...
donate your car if you're too old to drive

How Old is Too Old to Drive?

Previously, we explored the larger subject of whether the government should implement driving tests at regular intervals to keep skills and knowledge of driving...
regular driving tests

Should the Government Require Regular Driving Tests?

 Most drivers in the U.S. seek their driver’s licenses at a young age. In teens’ minds, driving means freedom, so they can’t wait to...
pass a driving test

So, You Think You Can Pass a Driving Test?

Most drivers on U.S. roads took Driver’s Ed and sat for the written portion of their driver’s test as young teenagers. But even if...

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