work zone safety

Work Zone Safety: The Rising Danger Facing Workers AND Drivers

We're in the peak season for deadly crashes in road-work zones, according to the Federal Highway Administration's Work Zone Management Program, which found that...
dog fight

What All Pet Owners Need to Know about Dog Fights and Dog Bites

We’ve talked about how your dog can affect your homeowners and renters insurance, and it largely has to do with dog fights and dog...
uber vs. ambulances

Uber vs. Ambulances: Comparing Price, Safety & Response Time

Imagine it’s the middle of the night, and you wake up to intense pain. You’re alone and in no condition to drive. What would...
prevent home break-ins by locking gate

9 Affordable Steps You Can Take to Prevent Home Break-ins

People in the U.S. lose billions of dollars in home burglaries each year. The experience of finding your home ransacked and your belongings gone...
drunk driving vs distracted driving accidents

Drunk Driving vs. Distracted Driving: Which is More Dangerous?

  Drunk driving has long been a major cause of accidents on the road. Having a few drinks impairs our cognitive abilities, and getting behind...
motorcycle safety gear

Motorcycle Safety: 19 Tips to Consider Before You Hit the Road

So you want to ride a motorcycle? Motorcycles have been a hot transportation option for decades. They cater to a certain type of lifestyle,...
amazon echo vs google home

Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: How Smart Speakers Can Make Your Life Easier

Wouldn’t it be great if you could assign a robot to handle all of your mundane tasks? While we’re not quite there yet (at...
flooded pier managed retreats

Managed Retreats: Could They Save Coastal Cities from Environmental and Financial Ruin?

For many of us, a beachfront home with a view of the sea has often seemed a far-off dream or perhaps a luxury occasionally...

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