shop for home insurance when moving

When Should You Shop for Home Insurance?

You buy a new mattress every seven years and a new toothbrush every three months. You shop for new running shoes after putting 500...
smart cities network

Smart Cities: How the Internet of Things is Changing Urban Areas

A trend is spreading in cities all across the world: every day, more and more people just keep moving in. Already, more than half...
moving checklist

Your Moving Manual: All the Boxes You Need to Check (and Pack!)

Moving is a big thrill, a big hassle, and all-in-all, a big deal. For many people, it’s also the biggest expense you’ll have in...
home maintenance

15 Preventative Home Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

No doubt there are plenty of benefits of owning your own home: freedom from rent and landlord rules, contributing to an investment, building a...
handing over car keys after you donate a car

How to Donate Your Car: 9 Simple Steps

‘Bout done with that old set of wheels? Donate your car! Organizations around the country will be happy to take it off your hands....
States License Plates

Which States Have the Cheapest Car Insurance?

Car insurance companies consider all sorts of factors to assess risk and set rates for different drivers. Here at The Zebra, our team pulled and...
living in your car

What’s It Like to Live in Your Car?

Among the biographies of many celebrities is a detail that seems so far removed from their current diamond-encrusted lives it seems almost whimsical: they...
city view of skyscrapers from below

City Living Made Affordable in 4 Steps

According to 2015 Census data, 63 percent of the U.S. population lives in cities, though they squeeze into just 3.5 percent of the land...

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