Uber & Lyft

Dark scary street

Ridesharing’s Unexpected Danger? Aggressive Passengers

When ridesharing first came on the scene, potential customers wondered if they’d be safe: the idea of getting in a car with strangers who...
uber vs juno start up

Uber’s New Competitor Could Transform the Ridesharing Market

Meet Juno, the latest four-letter ridesharing service on the scene. With plans to launch this spring, Juno hopes to stand apart by prioritizing driver...
Finding love in Lyft and Uber

Love in the Lyft Line

Dan Nainan met his current love, Amy, during a shared uberPOOL to the San Francisco airport this past summer when the two struck up...
Uber for seniors: uber & lyft handicap accessibility

Uber & lyft Handicap Accessibility: How It Helps Get Gramps to the Doc

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are seemingly everywhere. They’re beginning to make headway in small towns across the U.S. and beyond, and even...
Uber driver in traffic

Uber Price Cuts: What You Need to Know

Yesterday, Uber drivers in New York City went on strike to protest the ridesharing company's latest round of price cuts announced last week for...
one of our many ridesharing hacks: get to the airport

Ridesharing Hacks: How to Uber at the Airport

Arriving at the airport: one part excitement, one part did-I-remember-everything jitters, and five parts how-do-I-get-to-my-final-destination hassle (if you travel frequently, we accept your argument...
holiday spirit

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Party Guests Home Safe

Company holiday parties: a way for companies to show employee appreciation by offering loads of appetizers, festive decorations and music, and, often, an open...
rural town

Uber in Small Towns: the Good, the Bad, and the…Inevitable?

Taxi drivers have been scrambling over the past six years to quickly adapt and keep up with Uber. Car services in cities across the...

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