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Will Self-Driving Cars Make Us More Productive?

Will Self-Driving Cars Make Us More Productive?

The average American spends about 25.4 minutes commuting to work, about an hour a day on the road. When self-driving vehicles become widely available...
tesla's x-ray vision

What’s So Great About Tesla’s X-Ray Vision?

Back in September, Tesla released their Version 8.0 update for the company’s autopilot system, allowing their cars to see through vehicles and avoid unforeseen...
police called for car theft

When Cars Fight Back Against Thieves

Every 45 seconds, a car is stolen in the U.S., for a total value of $4.9 billion in stolen vehicles during 2015. And as...
future of the auto mechanic

The Future of the Auto Mechanic is… Clean

As it turns out, “getting your hands dirty” might end up being just an expression for auto mechanics in the near future. In a...
green cars vs gas guzzlers

Green Cars vs. Gas Guzzlers: Which is More Affordable?

Alternative fuel-powered vehicles are coming into their own. For one thing, vehicles billed as “environmentally friendly” are no longer the purview of only the...
high-tech car theft by hackers

The Rise of High-Tech Car Theft

As cars become more and more connected, news coverage of high-tech car theft has unsurprisingly begun to alarm consumers, automakers, and insurers alike. An estimated one-third...
car safety and anti-theft tech

Don’t Count on Safe Vehicle Technology to Lower Your Insurance Rate – Here’s Why

We know that tech and automotive companies are racing to create increasingly connected, autonomous cars. In fact, many of us are already driving vehicles...
driverless rideshare

Driverless Ubers: Pros & Cons

Today, many experts within the automobile and technology industries see autonomous vehicles as a matter of “when,” not “if.” And instead of focusing on...

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