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front seat passenger being thrown into backseat

The Hidden Danger of Riding in the Back Seat

Everyone with even half an ear open to conventional wisdom knows: the back seat is the safest place for small children. Airbags can kill...
arms race was 50 years ago. today, we race for driverless cars

Who Will Win the Global Race for Driverless Cars?

An International Race of Our Time: The Race for Driverless Cars In the 1960s, with the Cold War in full swing and the memory of...
know before you get insurance

You Blink, You Pay? The Latest in Biometrics for Auto Insurance

A once-fictional technology seemingly used by the likes of James Bond might soon be a feature in a car near you. Biometrics, which refer...
Manual vs. automatic gear shift

Manual vs. Automatic Transmissions: Who’s Winning?

The sibling rivalry between automatic and manual transmissions has raged in the U.S. since automatics were first introduced to the market by General Motors...
Car recalls many cars on road

Another Car Recall? 5 Things for Every Driver to Consider

Does it seem to you that the news announces another car recall just about every other day? Or perhaps you’re confident in your own...
Auto industry awards trophies

What You Need to Know About All Those Flashy Car Awards

Car manufacturers love to tout the their major auto industry awards in advertisements. You can hear the deep-voiced announcer now: “Ranked highest in Initial...

CES 2016: The Outstanding Car Tech You Need to Know

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, which ran January 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, generated hype around cool new tech like wearable translators...
open source car

How the Open Source Car Could Change the Auto Industry

Show-stopping rims, subwoofers that make your license plate rattle, razor-sharp decals — custom car modifications that regular people can still do themselves are getting...

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