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aerial view of an intersection where driverless cars may drive without insurance

How Will Driverless Cars Impact Auto Insurance?

One of the biggest appeals of driverless vehicles is the promise of increased safety and greatly reduced traffic-related deaths and crashes. Driver error accounts for 94...
back of police officer

The Absurd Spectrum of Auto Insurance Fraud

Far from a victimless crime perpetuated against bloated corporations, insurance fraud reaches into the lives of everyday citizens. It costs the industry more than $50 billion...
El Niño tornado

The Wrath of El Niño

The 2015-2016 El Niño has been dubbed “Godzilla El Niño” by weather experts—and with good reason. Just like the giant lizard that destroyed anything...

What’s Up with New Hampshire?

New Hampshire may be one of the smallest and least populated states in the nation, but the Granite State still prides itself on its...
are you made of money? auto insurance rates rise

Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Could Be Rising This Year

Rate increase? Click to find the cheapest rates on car insurance →   Lower gas prices = more road traffic = more car crashes = more...
magnifying glass and insurance quotes show transparency in car insurance pricing

Editorial: A Need for Transparency in Car Insurance

By Alyssa Connolly, The Zebra We have exciting news on The Zebra front! Today we announced that we closed $17 million in Series A funding,...
Night storm over city

“Acts of God” and What They Mean for Your Auto Insurance

A tree falls on your parked car, torrential rains flood your vehicle, golf-ball sized hail dents the entire body of your brand new ride:...
internet social media

Will Insurance Companies Turn to Social Media to Assess Your Risk?

In the week following October 10, a story of law enforcement cracking down on a drunk driver spread quickly across news sites and Facebook...

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