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woman stuck in snow

8 Tips for Driving Through a Winter Storm (with GIFs)

Winter Storm Juno is bearing down on seven states in the Northeast as we speak in a way that looks a little something like...

Winter Weather and Car Accidents: How Real is the Danger?

Believe it or not, summer and fall months see more deadly crashes than winter or spring months—but that doesn't mean that winter weather isn't...
driving in winter

Top 4 Mistakes Drivers Make on Ice

It's that time of year again—as I write, parts of the Northeast are being pounded with snow, and who knows what winter storms the...
parking lots cars

Parking Lot Hell: Black Friday Accidents

In recent years, Black Friday snafus, arguments, and worse have created more news stories than any of the deals causing the excitement to begin...
teen off to college

5 High-tech Solutions for Teen Driving Safety

Handing the keys over to your new teen driver can no doubt be a terrifying milestone. We know the stats: the Center for Disease...
speeding driving

5 Teenage Driving Dangers

Driving, for anyone, is scary business. Statistically speaking, you're likely to crash your car once every 18 years or so. Every day, you get...
smartphone texting

Stopping Texting and Driving With Social Media

Exactly who should be responsible for public service campaigns to stop texting and driving? And what messaging might actually prove effective? Though public awareness...
navdy solution

Distracted Driving Solutions: Navdy

At The Zebra, we're always keeping our ears pricked for possible solutions to distracted driving. After all, distracted driving accounted for an estimated 421,000...

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