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buying a car privately

Buying a Car Privately: Do’s, Don’ts, and Paperwork You’ll Need

Here at Quoted, we’ve talked about buying and selling cars a lot, and we’ve detailed the various ways to pay for them, and how...

GEICO vs. Progressive: Which Company is Right for You?

Looking for car insurance? Compare 200+ insurance companies in seconds & save way more than 15% →   GEICO vs Progressive: the Final Showdown by the...
reckless driving makes it hard to shop for car insurance

How To Shop For Car Insurance With a Bad Driving Record

Trying to shop for car insurance can be stressful enough, let alone if your driving record is looking spotty. We've rounded up information all...
summer roadtrip

3 Questions to Ask Before Dropping Full Coverage

Maybe you've got a ride that's no longer sweet and new, so much as it is salty-and-getting-along-in-years. Maybe your financial situation has recently changed....
should you keep car insurance on a car you're not driving

Should You Keep Car Insurance on a Car You’re Not Driving?

Maybe it's a classic convertible; maybe it's a car your son or daughter won't need this semester; maybe it's a car you plan to...
in flight photo

Once and For All: Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

Recently, my sister needed to rent a car for a weekend beach vacation with a girlfriend. It wasn't until she stepped up to the...
man riding bike

This Guy Could Revolutionize Insurance Company Reviews

You just can't try insurance before you buy it—not really. You can read car insurance company reviews via some online digging, but a.) they're...
glass shattering

6 Common Car Insurance Myths

Looking to save money? Find the best car insurance rates instantly → The following car insurance myths are so common, they may sound right intuitively,...

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