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Memorial Day Car Sales 2017: Don’t Get Caught

You simply cannot avoid the Memorial Day weekend sales frenzy: "Half off" this, "buy-one-get-one" that. Alongside remembering the holiday's true purpose—and the splendor of...
Couple watching the sunset in their car

Sweeten Up Your Sweetheart with a Delightfully Romantic (Driving) Date

We know celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t always the coolest game in town, but we argue that any day with chocolate, gifts, and an extra...
holiday safety guide

Holiday Safety Guide (At Home and on the Go)

With the holidays in full swing, you’ve no doubt already encountered a few near-misses: the uncle who doesn’t use the guard while slicing vegetables...
woman taking sobriety test on no refusal weekend

The Rundown on “No Refusal” Weekends

The holidays are a hazardous time to be on the roads, and believe us, cops know it. They’re closely monitoring drivers as they leave...

Holiday Road Trip Jams

When it comes to holiday cheer, music plays a huge part, particularly when you're driving. It's certainly that way for us here at The Zebra anyway! In our...
package delivery theft

7 Ways to Prevent Package Theft

Nowadays, many of us know all too well the perils of package theft. We shop online for gifts, clothes, gadgets, even groceries, and then...
thanksgiving travel

Be Thankful for Less Traffic: How to Make Thanksgiving Travel Less Painful

Thanksgiving is almost upon us, and to celebrate, we’ll travel near and far to cook and eat and laugh and maybe argue and drink...
car costumes

Eyelashes for Headlights & Other Oddities in the World of Car Costumes

Bumper stickers and the occasional Jesus (or Darwin) Fish decal are usually the extent of vehicle embellishments for most drivers. But some folks take...

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