Have a techie to buy for this holiday season? Welcome to the gift guide for all gearheads looking to up their car game.

The holiday season is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen. The evergreens, the stringed lights, and of course, the hustle and bustle of finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones. So one of the folks on your to-buy-for list is totally into the latest gizmos and gadgets — what better gift than some shiny new tech to enhance something she uses on the daily? Her car, of course!

We’ve done some digging, and found ten of the most promising gift ideas for your techie’s ride:

Holiday Gift Guide

1. Gentex Rear View Camera Mirrors – $371.00


Paula_05 0002

Many new cars on the market today come equipped with a rear camera to assist with parallel parking, and to let you have a look at what’s behind your vehicle before you back into anything you shouldn’t. I, personally, would love to have this safety feature on my 2011 Hyundai — but I am, in fact, stuck in my car’s past. Luckily enough, companies like Gentex have developed camera mirrors equipped with rear-view cameras for those of us without the safety bells and whistles of newer models. At 3.3”, this camera pops on when you shift your car into reverse, and auto-dims when you’re in drive mode. And, the mirror comes with a wire-cover, so no ugly cords to worry about.

Note: Mirror and Camera must be bought separately!


2. Viper RemoteStart + Alarm System – $100 to $500


Car Control screen flat small

Remote start systems are a must-have for northern friends who need to pre-heat before hopping into a refrigerator on wheels. Viper’s RemoteStart systems do just that, and can be customized to do even more. You can build-in alert systems, for example, an alarm that sounds when your car battery is disconnected, or a sensory field that will activate an alarm if anyone comes near your ride. RemoteStart can also connect to your smart phone for a more comprehensive and convenient user experience. Viper systems vary widely in price based on what you choose to include in your order.

3. Garmin ecoRoute Navigation – $99.99Garmin ecoRoute

Garmin has been a highly-esteemed navigation system for years now, constantly updating and developing their tech for the best navigation you can buy. Garmin’s ecoRoute navigation is a specialized product that gives you the most fuel-efficient ride—great for the techies in your life who also happen to love mother earth.

4. Automatic – $79.99


We’ve said it twice and we’ll say it again – Automatic. This OBD-II plugin device not only tracks your drive to show you (on your computer or Smartphone app) details about your drive such as abrupt stops, fuel used, routes, and mileage, but it also provides suggestions on how to improve your drive, save more gas, and get where you need to be in a more efficient way. The driving detail tracking feature could even save your loved one some money on car insurance — and what better gift than more money in their pocket? And, if that’s not enough great savings news: Automatic is currently on sale for $79.99 (normally $99.95).

5. LEVO Phone Charger + Car Jumper – $94.99



You’ve heard the saying: great things come in small packages — and LEVO is no exception. This sleek power pack doubles as a phone charger and car jumper. That’s right, this gadget has the energy to give your car a jump. We’ve all been there, and from personal experience, I would’ve loved to have LEVO handy when I was in an energy bind. Levo holds charge for up to six months, complete with LED light, jumper cables, and an extra cord to charge your phone.

6. Airman Cordless Tire Inflator – $85.00



Last year for Christmas, my father in all his practical gift-giving wisdom, gifted me with an electric tire inflator — and as un-sexy as this present may be, I cannot tell you how many times it has saved my life. This Airman cordless inflator holds a charge, allowing you to go cordless while you pump your tire back to life. Airman also senses your tire’s pressure, shutting off automatically when it’s full. This gadget is a safety staple for all drivers.

7. Cobra iRadar ATOM – $ 199.95


Cobra iRadar ATOM

Radars have been around for a good while now, detecting traffic enforcement for drivers — but Cobra has developed a high-tech radar like no other. The iRadar not only sends alerts when it detects a radar or laser, but it also connects with users’ iPhone or android in order to create a community of drivers that can keep each other up-to-date on traffic jams, accidents, impending red light cameras, and other caution areas. Cobra notes that with its iRadar, drivers can “rely on a real-time network of detectors to give them superior situational awareness while driving.” While we do not in any way condone speeding, this high-tech (and sleek, we might add) radar could definitely assist loved ones in safely navigating sticky traffic situations.

8. Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit – $39.99



Again, not all car models come equipped with all the capabilities one might hope for. So, for those folks itching for some bluetooth tech in their ride, we introduce to you Kinivo’s hands-free bluetooth solution. This little mountable device allows users to answer and receive phone calls, and stream music over the car stereo system. Kinivo sports easy-to-use music controls (play, pause, skip, etc.), and USB phone charging capabilities. Kinivo is an easy win for your tech guru this season.

9. Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX  – $1,400.00



Okay ladies and gentlemen, as you can tell by the price tag, this one is the full monty. If you happen to have a very special someone and $1,400 burning a hole in your pocket, this may be the perfect holiday surprise. Pioneer’s AVIC-8000NEX interface allows users to install the illustrious Apple CarPlay (or alternative Android system), which connects Smartphones to drivers for an integrated car experience. As Crutchfield audio (one of the Pioneer retailers) explains, CarPlay “means easy access to your music library, your phone, messages, navigation, and many third party streaming music apps, too.”


10. Ansmart Car & Indoor Air Purifier – $39.99


Last, but certainly not least, a wallet-friendly solution for musty cars. Your loved ones most likely use their cars on a daily basis — why not help them keep it fresh for a healthy and pleasant commute? The Ansmart air purifier is a solar-powered gadget that sits on the dashboard, working its active carbon HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter magic. And, if they decide their car doesn’t need freshening, this little freshener would be great for their office space or bedroom. The purifier comes in red, black, and white.


With these gadgets, your loved ones are sure to enjoy a happy high-tech holiday. Have any car gizmos on your own wish list?


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